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Do you have love and health? Then you can not ask anything else from life; because if you aspire to improve your economy, you may end up being branded as superficial, ambitious or materialistic.

This is a guest post by Patricia Córdoba, online psychologist, Coach and facilitator of change. And there are many limiting beliefs about the evil of money, as Augustine points out in this Blog and in “The Formula of Success”, which prevent us from living with abundance and fullness .

In my opinion, these mental barriers caricaturize the objective of getting rich, because it is not about visualizing a lot of zeros in the bank account, but about starting to question yourself for what you want what you have and what you are going to invest.

If I tell you the money I have, you can know something about me;

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But if I tell you how I earn it and how I invest it, you will have a clearer picture of my motivations and actions. So let’s start by broadening the perspective, questioning some ideas:

“The important thing is who you are, not what you have” Totally agree, but to be able to dedicate yourself to what you are you need to have to worry less about what you have (or stop having).

“Money does not give happiness” Already, I have that very clear, if so, I would only get queries from poor people, and the reality is that there are those who suffer having everything (do not know what to do with it or it is insufficient), then there should be something else in The equation.

Of course happiness is in you, but I assure you that managing your money is one of the skills that help you ensure your well-being in the widest sense of the word. All this leads me to tell you why, although I have never worried about money, I am always thinking about how to be more economically independent.

Economic and emotional independence are interdependent

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The more you earn in one, the more likely you are to develop in the other. It is not worth getting stuck in the eternal debate of who was first the egg or the chicken. What is necessary first to be autonomous with your finances or with your emotions? Well, put me on a quarter and a half of the two please, because they both feed back.

The more economically dependent you are:

  • More you expose yourself to others deciding for you, to justify your inaction, to remain in the comfort zone and forget your personal self-realization.
  • More easily you maintain toxic relationships with a boss, a couple, family, etc.
  • More insecurity and less self-confidence you have when looking in the mirror
  • More atrophies and inhibit your skills and aptitudes, because you are more limited to procure spaces for their development.
  • More likely to remain trapped and suffering in a job you hate.

Too much energy, vital time and voided motivation to say that independence and financial management is secondary, right?

Independence is not granted, you build it

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If reading this article you cannot avoid hearing continuously the boycott imp that protests: “Yes, yes, very pretty, but where do I get the money, from the stones?” “Yes, yes, very nice, but if you don’t get a job, what do you do?”… then you have a wrong idea of ​​the proposal. This does not mean that luck accompanies you, things favor you or a third party helps you (banks, institutions, grants, capitalist partners, etc.).

The idea is that if there is no water from the well:

  • You get up to directly study another terrain from which you can extract or create another water generator.
  • Don’t wait for better times to come or rain from the sky
  • Do not be content with what nature provides, get ahead and diversify your resources to collect from various sources.
  • Do not be surprised that it is over; since what they give you, they can take away from you.

Financial freedom is much more than a concrete figure. What do you pursue? Earn X money this year, or live in abundance? Hey? Yes, yes, I ask you, because nothing to do. The first option only allows you to salivate money, the second invites you to design a way of living according to what you are, without complying with the crumbs, our daily bread or “this is what it is.”

Be financially free to start being authentic

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Have you entered these bathrooms that have the timer light? It is as if others told you what exactly it takes to make your needs, enter, execute, and goodbye.

If your relationship with money is like that of these timers (he tells you what you have to buy, admire, choose and desire; and what you do NOT “do not even think about it, do not even imagine it, that is not for you”, you are continually limited, measuring your actions to the millimeter and adjusting them to what others have decided to enter.

In short, that you can choose the relationship you want to maintain with money , without ignoring it, demonizing it or idealizing it. Leave it, all right, don’t get obsessed with money, but be honest, stop punishing yourself for wanting to be financially free .


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