Refinancing and Profitability Calculator

This is a calculator to calculate how quickly you will earn the cost of a refinance. In other words, it is a question of how many kroner. You earn on this per year.

What you need to know to consider what needs to be done to get a refinance and why it can be profitable.
Interest rate differentials in banks

There are large differences in interest rates in the various banks

There are large differences in interest rates in the various banks

The same loan and collateral can cost much less in another bank than the one you use today.
Collect more loans
Over time, many will take out more loans for renovation, car purchase, home appliances / consumption etc. By pooling these into one mortgage loan, the monthly cost will often be far lower than for the loans individually.

Refinancing is profitable. By collecting consumer loans, credits and credit cards, you can get money left over.

Many customers have been helped to collect more small loans and credits.
By refinancing mortgages on real estate or apartments, customers have saved a lot in reduced interest rates and removed many fees.

Can I apply for a new loan or loan before I pay off a current loan?


Yes, it is quite possible. Already after 2 installments, you can apply for an extension of the loan / credit.

Can I use the loan to refinance other small loans and credits?
Yes, it can often be both sensible and profitable.

Can I deduct interest and costs from the tax?
Yes you can. Provided that the deduction rules do not change, 28% of the costs can be deducted from the tax.

Do I have to have a surety or any other form of security?


No, you don’t have to. Still, it is always an advantage (but no requirement) to be two who seek when you are married, cohabiting or living in partnership.

The calculator calculates how many days it will take before you have earned all the costs. There should also be some size difference in the effective interest rate. How big it should be also depends on how long it takes before you have paid the refinancing costs.

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